Civil Rights Timeline Project

Step 1 (Day 1)

You will be in a group of 4 students.

Your group chooses one time period:


Step 2 (Day 1)

Each student in your group chooses one significant Civil Rights event from your decade (10-year time period). You are responsible for one event from that decade.

Make sure you all choose events from the same decade -- for example, from the 1950s.

However, every student will choose a DIFFERENT event to research!

Here are suggestions. If you would like to pick a different event, please check with Ms. Doyle first.


Scottsboro Boys arrested

Tuskegee syphilis experiment begins

Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in the Olympics

Murray v. Pearson decided

Zora Neale Hurston writes "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Southern Negro Youth Congress founded

Billie Holiday performs "Strange Fruit" in New York City


In Chambers v. Florida, the Supreme Court frees three Black men who were coerced into confessing to a murder.

Richard Wright writes "Native Son"

United Negro College Fund is incorporated

Jackie Robinson becomes the first black baseball player in professional baseball in 60 years.

Dr. Charles R. Drew becomes the first African-American surgeon to serve on the American Board of Surgery

President Harry S. Truman issues Executive Order  Executive Order 9981 ordering the end of segregation in the military


Brown vs. Board of Education

Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus

Chuck Berry begins to record his music

"Raisin in the Sun" produced on Broadway

Alvin Ailey founds a theater

Sit-in at the Woolworth's Counter in Greensborough


The Freedom Rides begin

Malcolm X becomes political minister of Nation of Islam

March on Washington for largest Civil Rights demonstration ever

Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham

President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize

Step 3 (Day 1)

Each student researches his or her event. You will need to share computers, so we will switch halfway through. Every student will get half the class period to use the computer. You may also use books and encyclopedias.

Use the Event Map handout or lined paper for your notes.

Step 4 (Day 1 or 2)

Print or draw a picture related to your event.

Step 5 (Day 2)

Write a 9-sentence paragraph about your event, using your notes. Use the template on your handout.

If you have time, type and print your paragraph (change the font size to 20 point).

Step 6 (Day 2)

Make your timeline on butcher paper with your group of 4. You should have 4 events, each with a paragraph and a picture.

-- Title

-- Timeline with dates (1930, 1931, 1932. . . all the way to 1940, for example).

-- 4 paragraphs with lines drawn to the correct date

-- 4 pictures connected to the events

-- Names of the 4 people in the group (upper right corner) 

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