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Current Assignments

Ms. Doyle's Cultural Competency Research Project:

1. Culturegrams

2. Countries and their Cultures

3. Grolier -- San Francisco PL (use library card)


Ms. Halloran -- Bill of Rights Project

Ms. Germer's 3rd Period -- Math Games

Ms. Johnson's Class: Word Game

AVID Class:

United Streaming (teachers)

Nettrekker (search the Web)

Teen Health and Wellness
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Teaching Books

AP Images (pictures)

SFPL Databases (library card number needed)

Ms. Halloran: History's Mysteries

-- Wednesday: Start your PowerPoint at
(go to "Create New" and click "Presentation")

Add slides. You should have:
One title slide
One slide for each of your "big" questions
At least one slide about conspiracy theories
At least one slide stating your opinion
A TOTAL of at least 6 slides

-- Timeline
-- Photo
-- Facts about the event

Ms. Johnson: Civil Rights Timeline

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