Compare/Contrast Andrew Jackson/Barack Obama

Your mission: Create a picture book comparing/contrasting the lives and politics of these two presidents. It should compare the two on at least 8 different topics (see list below) and include pictures. Be sure to make a cover page with a title and your names.

To begin, go to and start a new presentation.

You will turn in your picture book/presentation and also your notes/graphic organizer chart.


Answer these types of questions about both Jackson and Obama, then compare your answers. How were their lives the same? How were they different?

Answer at least 5 of these 10 questions about both presidents:

Born on what date?
Place of birth
Grew up poor? Wealthy?
Education -- where, how much, what did he study?
Served in the military?
First elected to what political office?

Answer at least 3 of these 11 questions about both presidents:

Who were his opponents for president? How did he defeat them?
Won with what percentage of the vote? Why did he win?
What was one controversy during the campaign and/or election?
What were his beliefs/campaign promises?
His most important actions as president
His civil rights record/beliefs about slavery & Indian Removal
What do his critics say about him? Why don't they like him?
Did he favor the wealthy or the "common people"? How do you know?
Wars during his years in office & reasons for wars
Most important events during his years in office
How will history remember him?

If you finish early. . . .

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