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Old Class Projects

Ms. Souch: Ancient China Games
Ms. Halloran: Civil War Journals
Civil War Clothing

Ms. Halloran: Primary Sources Quiz
 -- Code Q8683-4441, then name (first and last)
Mr. Palarca -- Earth's History
Mr. Schickenberg: Career Zone

Mr. Bryson: Great Wall of China
Ms. Souch -- Languages
Ms. Halloran -- compare/Contrast Jackson & Obama

Mr. Palarca: Fossil Research Links
Extinct Animals -- Assignment Handout

Ms. Souch -- Ancient India

Ms. Pierce -- Science News Halloran: History's Mysteries

Ms. Johnson -- Biographies
Born on this Day
Meet the People
Brief Biographies

Ms. Halloran -- Bill of Rights Project
Ms. Ko -- Fractions

Mr. McCachren -- 7th grade ELA released test questions
Social Science questions

Mr. Bryson: Pyramids web
Watch videos about pyramids (National Geographic)

Discovery Education Assignment

Ms. Halloran: Eyewitnesses to the Boston Tea Party
1. Read one eyewitness account (by
George Hewes or John Andrews) and fill out the storyboard or chart on one side of your paper.
2. Now read this
newspaper article and fill out the other storyboard or chart
*Compare the two charts. What is the same? What is different?

Ms. Halloran: Boston Tea Party Links

Ms. Halloran's American Revolution Project

Ms. Halloran: 13 Colonies

Ms. Johnson: Web Site Evaluation
1. Tree Octopus
2. Yahoo Answers
3. Wikipedia
4. Inkling Magazine
Evaluating Websites -- Checklist

Student Survey About the Library

Ms. Ko: Floor Plans/Area

Mr. Palarca: Human Body Systems Links and assignment handout

Faculty Satisfaction Survey

Student Satisfaction Survey

Ms. Gerber: Human Body Systems

Mr. Palarca: Earth's History

Ms. Johnson: Google Docs, EasyBib, Helpful Links, Expectations Handout

Ms. Johnson: Tree Octopus

Ms. Souch: Great Wall of China

Ms. Halloran: Civil War Journals
Ms. Halloran: Civil War Soldier Names Database

Ms. Halloran: Primary Sources Quiz

Mr. Palarca: Fossil Research Links/Assignment Handout

Ms. Souch -- Ancient India

Close Up Fundraising Letter

Mr. McCachren - Muslim Scholars Webquest

Ms. Halloran - Obama Inauguration

Ms. Belluomini -- Monitoring River Levels

Ms. Rattanavilay-Seader -- Interactive Math Games

Ms. Halloran -- Compare/Contrast Jackson & Obama

Ms. Halloran -- Puppet Project

Ms. Ko -- Fractions

Create a Book Cover

Make Your Own Comics

Ms. Gerber -- AIDS Research

Ms. Souch -- Egyptian Pyramids & Calendar

Ms. Halloran -- Bill of Rights

Ms. Johnson -- Summarize information sources

Book Trailer Project

BookFlix Log-in Page

Mr. Tyers -- Poetry

Ms. Gerber -- Scientist research

"The Bully" Activities

Ms. Halloran's American Revolution Project

American Revolution Pre-Assessment

Ms. Souch -- Languages

Mr. Palarca -- Light Sources Research

Ms. Johnson -- 3rd Period Reading Blog

MLK Reading Interests

Mr. Bryson -- Current Events Class

Ms. Zheng -- Earth Science Articles

Ms. Halloran -- 13 Colonies

Mr. Galgano -- Audiobooks/Read Aloud

Ms. Halloran's class -- High Schools & Careers

Ms. Johnson's class -- Biographies

Interactive Math Games

American Revolution Post-Assessment

Ms. Gonzalez/Mr. McCachren -- Mansa Musa project

Ms. Brown -- Graffiti Art project

Ms. Ko/Ms. Souch -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Student Reading Interest Survey

Ms. Ko - Mendel Research and video clips

Ms. Ko - Interactive Math Games

7th Graders -- Muslim Scholar PowerPoints

Ms. Souch -- Ancient Egypt/Pyramids

Videos about the Pyramids

Ms. Blake - Elements Research

Web sites about Ancient Egypt/Pyramids