Words to Know


News article

Resolute: determined

Repaired: went

Transactions: what they did

Grotesque: strange

Hoisted: lifted

Stove: broke

Proceeded: went

Dexterously: well

Vessels: containers

Lodged: stuck

Purloined: stolen

Plunder: stolen things

Procured: bought, gotten

Merry: happy

Countenance: expression on someone’s face


George Hewes eyewitness account

       Equipped: carrying

       Denominated: named

       Repaired: went

       Proceeded: went ahead and

       Execute: follow

       Dispose: get rid of

       Retired: went

       Places of residence: where we lived, home

       Associates: people who were there

       Disorder: violence, mess, etc.

       Transaction: event, thing that happened

       Considerable quantities: a lot


John Andrews eyewitness account

Dissolved: ended

Infernal regions: Hell

Contentedly: happily

Mustered: gathered

Proceeded: went

Freighted: loaded

Injure: damage

Actors: people taking action

Transient observer: casual watcher

Muffled: covered

Dialect, jargon: words

Detected: caught

Aversion: desire not to do something